Risk Management 101

Risk Management AND INSURANCE Consulting Services

Making Risk Easy!

I am a Risk Manager

I am not an underwriter or a broker, 
I don't live in a small town, eat caviar or own a Mercedes, 
I know Joe, Janet and Marley from Canada and can say that they are very nice people, 
I wear a toque and carry my Blackberry everywhere I go, 
I speak operational risk and ERM – eh! 
I pronounce it extraordinary not extra ordinary, 
I can proudly say that people in Canada don't sue as often. 

I believe in risk control not just insurance procurement, 
Fees for service not commission, 
and that full disclosure of all revenue generated by a broker is a requirement, not an option. 

A certificate of insurance is a useful tool, 
A CRM is an ARM, 
And it is pronounced Rims Canada Conference, not CRIMS, Rims Canada Conference. 
We should report to the Risk Management Committee, 
and not to procurement or human resources. 
We should be paid very well and receive lots of stock options – and beer! 

My name is Darius, 
And I am a Risk Manager.