Risk Management 101

Risk Management AND INSURANCE Consulting Services

Making Risk Easy!

Insurance Premium Optimization - We can review your entire insurance program, reciprocal or captive. 

Insurance Program Redesign - Have you had claims that were not paid by the insurance adjuster. I can help you figure out why and improve the program to prevent it from happening again.

Contract Review - From an Insurance and Indemnity perspective.

Certificate of Insurance Management - The value of a Certificate of Insurance is in making sure all of the required elements are included and that it has not expired.

Emergency Response Plan - Having developed a number of plans for clients, I know the theory and what works in practice - since I have also been the primary Director, for the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) for clients.

Emergency Operations Centre - Have you had a major incident and things are not going well (negative press, continued downtime, and slow recovery).

Enterprise Risk Management - Unlike some others that know the theory and have read the books - I have actually implemented a number of ERM programs for my clients - theory meets practice.

Specific Expertise - Off-Site Activity/Travel Program Development/Management (schools and private entities), Real Estate program design and management - from A - Z.